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Our practice is committed to providing the highest standards of comprehensive vision and eye care to our patients in an enjoyable and caring environment.
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A comprehensive eye examination consists of much more then determining a prescription for glasses.  It consists of a wide range of tests and procedures that evaluate the eyes and the visual system.

At Riverside Eye Center your comprehensive eye examination will consist of the highest quality of eye care obtainable.  Dr. Dye devotes his time to providing thorough, individualized examinations to patients of all ages. One-on-one time is spent assessing every aspect of the visual system, including visual function and eye health. Every patient is screened and tested to rule out various eye diseases and conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and eye changes that can occur from potentially devastating systemic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and autoimmune abnormalities.
Do you know what eye care professionals do?

Most people know that we examine eyes and fit glasses and contact lenses, but do you know that our doctor:

•Dilates patients to detect eye disease, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diseases by looking into the eye ?

•Treats eye infections and many other diseases of the eye and eyelids, including "pink eye"?

•Removes foreign bodies from the eye?

•Treats dry eyes?

•Treats eye inflammations?

•Performs preoperative and postoperative care for refractive laser surgery patients (LASIK)?

•Manages patients with diabetic eye disease?

•Provides emergency treatment for eye injuries?

•Diagnoses macular degeneration?

For those eye conditions that we do not treat, we will recommend the best eye care specialists. If you ever have a problem with your eyes, call (614) 273-0393.  We are available for eye emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Comprehensive Eye Exam
Contact Lenses
At Riverside Eye Center we are able to fit our patients  in a wide range of contact lenses, including disposable, colored, toric lenses for astigmatism, rigid gas permeable (or "hard" lenses), bifocals, and monovision.

We maintain a large stock of trial lenses and under most circumstances, we will be able to send you home with a pair of lenses the same day as your fitting.

We believe the key  to contact lens success is through an accurate vision analysis and fitting, follow-up care, and individualized patient education.

InfantSEE program is a national public health initiative that was designed to provide FREE comprehensive eye exams to infants between six and 12 months of age.

The main goal of the InfantSEE program is to ensure that an infant's visual system is developing properly. Although infants are routinely examined in a pediatrician's office, base-level eye screenings can fail to detect potentially devastating conditions like amblyopia, strabismus, and ocular tumors that can present without any early signs or obvious visual symptoms. Although serious problems are not common, it is important to identify any irregularities of your child’s visual system that may interfere with development.

To learn more about this valuable service or to schedule an appointment for your infant, call our office today. For more information visit http://www.infantsee.org or click on the link below.
infantsee, pediatric eye exam
Emergency Eye Care
In the event that you have an eye-related emergency that you feel is in need of immediate attention, please call our office at (614) 273-0393 to schedule an emergency appointment.  We are able to provide care for the majority of  urgent eye problems quickly and with less expense to the patient than most emergency rooms and urgent care facilities.  During nonbusiness hours when our office happens to be closed, please follow the recorded instructions on how to contact the doctor.